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Jezabel Weaver
Maiden name
Jezabel Bergen
Faction Rank
132 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown

Jezabel Weaver was born as Jezabel Bergen to Maximillian Bergen and his wife Deidre. From education, tutoring, big allowance, free to do as she chooses (though the last part was because the trusted her enough). The one thing they never let their daughter decide was whom she would marry

At the age of fourteen, she was engaged to Marcus Weaver and was set to marry no earlier then her twenty second birthday. There was no real reason for it just the way things were arranged on. But pretty much at he same time, Jezabel found herself attracted to things she didn't fully understand.At the age of fourteen, Jezabel was young and beautiful and had the life in front of her. She smiled at boys, made friends with girls and attended her studies like a good girl her parents believed she was. Still, she was beginning to feel certain needs growing inside of her. She needed things she didn't know about yet and while it was weird to even consider, slowly, she began finding out, researching. The first time she was approached by a boy, it was a student that had come to Corusant and had fancied her. Without thinking, she acted on an impulse and pulled him away from the crowd and started kissing him. The boy was surprised but he quickly adapted it, but when Jezabel realized look of her belt and asked him to tie her up, he left her there, telling her that she was weird. She was seventeen when she met Jonathan deWinter and was raped by him. Nine months later came their daughter Fallon. Due to the pregnancy, Jezabel told her parents what had happened. But in her eyes, she only missed out mentioning that she had asked for it, that things like that excited her. And still do. Nineteen years after the birth of her only child, Jezabel keeps the facade of perfect housewife and socialite, but behind closed doors engaged in her little fantasies. Not even her husband or the rest of her family know the truth about her.

The Weaver FamilyEdit

Through marriage, Jezabel had become a member of the Weaver family. Despite coming from a good family by birth, the Bergens couldn't match to the Weavers who hold a much longer transition on Coruscant where she is born. She loves her husband Marcus and being his wife fits into what she planned on doing in her life. And Fallon being accepted as an equal family was more then any mother could ask.


Luvmycop twin girls-1

Jasmine and Jasmine little after their birth.

Jezabel and JasmineEdit

What many people will never know about Jezabel Weaver is that she was born as the younger identical twin to Jasmine. The two girls came to Maximilian and Deidree as a blessing especially when they were told they wouldn't be able to having children. From the very first day, Jezabel and Jasmine were treated equally and spoiled exactly the same. Jasmine was always the free spirit, the one that was up to no good and Jezabel tended to keep herself grounded in those early years. But despite it, rarely anyone could ever tell the difference between the girls which both used to their advantage ever often, teasing their family and friends. They especially liked to trick their grandparents for candy. One would come in three times and convince the elders that the other one was given candy already so they wanted too. It would usually end with their mother telling them to knock them ou. Especially since Deidree had managed to set the two apart but nobody, especially the two girls would know how it happened. They insisted on wearing the same clothes as they got older. A lot of times, the elders would tel them that they needed to find their own selves but neither girl listened.

Jasmine's deathEdit


Twins just before the accident.

It was just after the girls celebrated their twelveth birthday. They girls were playing outside and Jasmine suddenly went missing. Jezabel ran into the house kept calling out "Jasmine! Jasmine! Jasmine!" and he parents looked manicly for her older sister. It wasn't until an officer entered their residence and told then that Jasmine had wondered into the street and gotten herself killed that the Bergens knew what had happened to her. For the entire day, Jezabel kept calling out to Jasmine and saying nothing more. Her father suspected that she had actually seen it happen but couldn't put it to words. This event alone changed Jezabel. For an entire year to come, Jezabel seemed to have taken on her sister's personality more then anyone could imagine. Her grandparents asked her parents on more then one occasion on whether they were that it was Jasmine that had died due to her behavior. But her mother always knew - Jezabel was left behind.

Being a teenagerEdit

As that one year passed, Jezabel closed off even more then anyone expected. Her rebellion was short lived and all of a sudden, the young teenager, was showing her own personality again. She was quiet, disciplined, studied hard. She didn't play around and she didn't waste time on the things children her age liked to do. At times, even her own parents tried to convince her to have some fun but Jezabel wouldn't. What either of the adults knew that while before them was growing up a well-mannered girl, someone to make them proud, on the inside, Jezabel was changing and discovering things about herself she couldn't understand. Things that would set her apart from anyone she ever knew, and lead her to the adulthood in which she would be.

Betroyal to Marcus WeaverEdit

Upon Jezabel's fourteenth birthday, it was annouched that her father had arranged a marriage for her with Marcus Weaver, the son of his respected business partner. Like Maximillian and Deidree, Jezabel would enter an arranged marriage, not before her twenty-second birthday and by their view, would leave a safe and happy life. Jezabel didn't fight them on them, she didn't mind it. She accepted what was set on her. But on the inside, she was growing and discovering things she couldn't understand yet.


Jezabel in her early teenage years.

A tourist boy, an odd request and being weirdEdit

It wasn't long after her betroyal that Jezabel was approached for a boy who was slightly order that had come to Coruscant for a short vision. He told her she was very pretty and she pulled him in a hidden place and kissed her. It didn't take long for the boy to take he rup on her offer. But while the kissing part was alright, Jezabel barely heard herself when she asked him to tie her her up. Right away, the boy back down and told her she was weird before he left her there. Jezabel took a while think about it, to discover the problem at hand. But she didn't find any. Instead, she realized that ordinary boys weren't going to do it. She needed something more. For the next years, there were boys. Some told her that she was weird and walked away just like that first boy, others did as she told them but the first satisfaction didn't last very long. They did what she asked them and still, she had to demand for them to be worse then they were.

Jonathan deWinterEdit


Jonathan deWinter

At the age of seventeen, Jezabel already knew enough about herself that she felt bored with all the boys that we were willing to do the things she had asked them and wanted more. She felt that she needed more and it was something non of them could giver her. And it was when she had heard that there was a young man on Coruscant, that already had a reputation for raping several women already. His name was Jonathan deWinter. For a small period of time, Jezabel hesitated. It wasn't because she didn't know whether she wanted to do it or not. She knew she needed that man and no other what what she wanted to achive. But it was because her friends noticed her interest in him and kept warning her to steer clear of him. But one night when she was alone, approached him any way and told him she wanted to sleep with him. She told him upfront that she knew about the rumors and that she wanted him to do that to her. If Jezabel ever spoke about it, she could probably tell you exactly how she felt right in that moment, the thoughts going through her mind. But when Jonathan accepted, her mind was finally at ease. It happened that very night. Nothing about what happened between them didn't differ from rape. And it was perfect. It was exactly what Jezabel had been looking for. Jonathan didn't spare her and neither did she spare him. And when it was over, she felt more satisfied then she had ever been. Or more then she would ever be for the rest of her life. The very night day, she had a good mind to go back to him and ask him to do it again but she couldn't leave her Marcus's side due to some kind of event their families hosted. And the day after, she heard Jonathan had left the planet. She didn't know where had gone, she didn't know when he would be back and she couldn't leave Coruscant to go find him. And that was terrible for Jezabel. She wanted more. She wanted him again. She choose to wait for the first opportunity when he would come back, not knowing she would never get it.

An unwanted pregnancyEdit

A few months later, Jezabel started feeling sick. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She couldn't stop herself from throwing up. The trip to their family doctor told her that she was preganant. Her first instict was to kill the pregnancy before it even began. But without sharing this thought with the old man, she was warned that terminating the pregnancy at this stage of her life, could leave her unable to have children afterwards. Oddly enough, Jezabel didn't care. Children didn't thrill her in any possible way. Perhaps it was a defence mechanisam for what happened to Jasmine and how she saw her parents heartbroken afterwords or perhaps it was the way she simply way. Either way, Jezabel knew that not being able to have children would cause he problems in her marriage with Marcus some day so she decided to go to her parents and tell them. They demanded to know what had happened. She told them she was raped. By Jonathan deWinter. She only left out the part that she willingly lay next to him or even that she asked him to do it. Her father wanted to hunt him down at kill him. And when Marcus found out, he wanted to do the same thing. But Jezabel was able to convince them otherwise. She knew Jonathan was a force user even though she didn't know what kind. She also had heard of Shery deWinter for whom she believed was his sister. And a gut feeling her this Shery deWinter would probably be out for blood if her brother was harmed. She was successful. Neither her father or Marcus would go after Jonathan. And she was happy on the inside, knowing that Jonathan wouldn't be hurt. It was when she discored she had feeling for her rapist.


Despite what had happened, Marcus still accepted to marry Jezabel and become the father to her unborn baby. Suddenly everything was alright. With her parents, with life, with her future. It was how things were meant to go. Shortly after and about five years before the wedding was supposed to take place, Jezabel married Marcus.


Fallon at the age of 2.

Fallon WeaverEdit

About five months after the wedding, Fallon Weaver was born. The minute she came out, Jezabel knew she was carrying a child of Jonathan deWinter. The baby was born with green eyes and dirty blond hair. But also the most adorable smile she had ever seen. There was no denying, Jezabel had fallen in love with her little girl. Neither her parents had never seen Jonathan so they could not tell why the baby girl looked the way she looked but both sides knew she didn't look like the Weavers or Bergens. For the three years to come, Fallon would have her birth father's hair and eyes before it would began to darken to the point where her eyes would remain brown, as well as her hair. Willingly, Jezabel chose to destroy those first holos of her little girl so nobody would know what she looked like. She insisted on giving her daughter a life as Fallon Weaver and Marcus as her father and nothing was going to stop her for doing so. It seemed the mother instrinct had kicked in at some point after Fallon was born and it would remain strong in the years to come. Only one holo of Fallon would remain, at the age of two but Jezabel made sure nobody would find it and to this very day keeps it safe.

The years that lead to the present dayEdit

Craig ferguson5

Jezabel's first affair.

In the years to come, Jezabel devoted herself to being Fallon's mother and Marcus's wife. She did the things the good wifes did, spent time with her baby girl. But the life Jezabel had built for her soon came crashing back then as she realized she wasn't that person. She couldn't all that and remain in her good manners, be the person she had made everyone believe she was. So Jezabel did the first thing she could think of - visited the Red Lady on Coruscant and took a male to releave her bootled up needs. It worked, but only for a short time because soon she had to come back for more and the desire kept growing. Fallon was ten when Jezabel took on her first lover. He was older then her and he treated her with a lot of respect, when not in the bedroom. And that suited Jezabel just perfect. He respected her marriage and never threated to hurt it any way. They had good thing together and when their meetings were over, he would go back to his work and Jezabel would go back home. However when she felt that she was getting too attached to him, she broke it off. And then realized she had broken his heart. But she didn't look back. She knew she couldn't let him continue on it. Soon, this man was out of her life. She learned years later that he had moved his business to Naboo after the broke it off when she saw him at an event.

The younger man.

Jezabel went back to the Red Lady and continued having payed lovers. It felt safer at the time, especially after that first affair. But it didn't excite her as much. Marcus noticed his wife was bored with things so he suggested she took some sort of activity. She listened to her husband and took fencing. She didn't quite know why she had done it but she did, and enjoyed it. Even more, she met her second lower there. This one was younger then she was but his attention suited her. But the relationship lasted only six months as she realized that he wanted more out of their relationship. And more meant leaving her husband. That wasn't something Jezabel planned on doing and wasn't going to do for any practically any man.

Fallon's teenage yearsEdit

As her only daughter entered puberty, things started to spin out of control. It was also another reason why Jezabel ended her second affair. Her daughter was suddenly noticing boys and attracting way more attention that Jezabel wanteed for her daughter. They began to argue on a daily basis. The fuse kept coming and coming until Jezabel made the descision she had to kill it before she ended up being a grandmother Before she turned to her fourties. So she waited her one night and began a big argument and let it slip that her behavior would lead to attracting men she didn't want and ending up being heart like it had happened to her. Of coruse, Fallon insisted on knowing the truth about what she had meant and Jezabel told her the truth about Jonathan deWinter. Or rather the truth that was known to her Marcus and her parents, not the whole truth. But Fallon knowing it didn't quite bring the result Jezabel had planned on. It didn't stop her teenage daughter for discovering boys further and even worse, Fallon went looking for her father and his side of her family. So when Fallon came home one day, having changed her name to Fallon deWinter, it was a complete shock. Even worse, it was a dissapointment. She wanted her daughter to be Marcus's daughter. She had lived in that lie for so long that she didn't even think otherwise anymore. But Jezabel had to live with it. She knew she couldn't stop her from going after the deWinter family, getting to know who she could have been.

She kept to her story, despite verything and Fallon suddenly stopped bringing boys home. There was nothing for a long while. Jezabel suspects that Fallon hasn't actually changed her ways but she's given up on trying to change her and just thanks the galaxy she hasn't become a grandmother yet.

Whore of Babylon Edit

Jezabel sleeps with Jonathan again.

Those Emerald Green Eyes Edit

She gives birth to Tabitha deWinter.

Too Young to be a Grandmother Edit

Fallon gives birth to Cora, Jezabel and Marcus agree to keep the child but tell their daughter the girl died.

Whole new World Edit

Jezabel is forced to relocate to Alderaan.


Fallon deWinterEdit

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Fallon deWinter

Jezabel's first and only daughter is probably the only reason that would have grounds for Jezabel to kill someone or loose her life. She did't plan on having her, she didn't want to have her, but somewhere along the way, she fell in love with her and saw her as a blessing in her life. For existing and also for being a part of Jonathan deWinter in her life. Fallon is a lot of Jezabel though unlike her mother, openly shows what she's really like and what she wants. If she wasn't her daughter, Jezabel probably would adore having a best friend like that but the fact that she makes Fallon's way of life a constant nightmare and endless worry. She's really tried to get her to see things from her own perspective, to start acting as she should but has failed in all her attempts to do so. Even discovering to her that she is a child of rape did work according to Jezabel plans but only made her change her last name and found more reasons to be what she is. Fallon knows only the strict and disciplined side of her life and sometimes, Jezabel has found herself wondering, what would happen if her daughter could see the real her.

Tabitha deWinter

Tabitha deWinterEdit

Years following the birth of Fallon, Jezabel gave into her desires with Jonathan once more, resulting in the birth of their second daughter Tabitha. Unlike with their firstborn, Jezabel didn't lie this time and claim she'd been raped. Not only that but as Tabitha grew, Jezabel realized her blonde child with her intense green eyes was much different from her sister. Starting with the accident that occured in the hospital, enabling the girl to change her apperance. In time though, there was also the view Tabitha had towards her father. She adores him, to Jezabel's surprise. Not once had Jezabel encouraged this behavior or the opposite, just like she had never told her first born about who her birth father was and yet Tabitha seems to at times even worship Jonathan which does worry Jezabel to a degree.

Cora Weaver Edit


Cora Weaver

While Jezabel would never admit to it, having a granddaughter like Cora has brought her quite a bit of joy. The little girl is incredibly bright and quick, in tune with the Force more than Fallon which allows her a great deal more understanding about the world and people around her. It's even her own daughters that have managed to get Jezabel to feel her nurturing side as this little girl had. Of course, as always, the woman wanted nothing to do with an infant that pooped so much. It wasn't until after Cora turned one and started winning over her cold grandmother over that she's succeeded. For the first four years, Jezabel had zero problems with the child but it's only recently that Cora had started noticing how other children in her school have moms and dads and started wondering about hers. So far, Jezabel has come with a few good excuses to keep the girl's mind busy.

Marcus WeaverEdit


Marcus Weaver

There was a time when Marcus would have taken the stars for her if he could, or even do a lot more if Jezabel had only asked. Even though their marriage was an arranged one, Marcus fell in love with her while they were still teenagers and never hid this fact from her or anyone else. She didn't love him back then, simply respected the fact that she would become his wife some day. Though it was somewhere along the way that her feelings did grow for her husband. They became best friends but Jezabel would still never share all her secrets with him. As the years progressed, he took more and more the side of their daughter, whom he also heavily spoiled. While Fallon was not his by blood, he still adores her just like she is. It bothered Jezabel, who'd wanted to keep him for herself but alas, as the years progressed, more and more he was on the side of Fallon and not hers.

W310 1239330174pre-1303830374

Marcus and Jezabel during happier times.

Their marriage eventually fell apart, though they never divorced. He took to traveling for his business, always providing for his wife and daughter but his feelings for Jezabel eventually vanished. Perhaps deep down he still cares for her but it's been years since he'd actually shown it. The ultimate punch was Tabitha. Knowing his wife had once again bedded Jonathan deWinter whom she'd claimed for years had raped her broke his heart. None of this malice ever shows to Fallon or Tabitha but he's grown cold to Jezabel. Five years ago, when John disappeared, he asked of his wife to help Fallon as he was unable to land on Coruscant due to some business issues he had with former partners. He practically had to force her hand by promising to provide for her for the rest of her life but giving her absolute freedom. Their daughter, in the worst state possible gave birth to a baby girl whom had been sure to be dead but somehow managed to inhale her first breath and scream out for the first time. This made Jezabel and Marcus decide quickly to care for their granddaughter but to lie to Fallon until they felt she was ready to become a mother.

Jonathan deWinter

Jonathan deWinterEdit

He was handsome and angry. She was a teenage girl that needed to be held a particular way. It didn't surprise her then that he accepted her offer when she approached him, it surprises her even less now. She knows she hurt him like crazy when she changed her story for her parents and fiancé and at times, she wishes she could make things right with him. She knows the way he treats Fallon due to what she did but she tries to pretend it doesn't bother her, especially around Fallon. Her probably biggest secret in this life is that she wouldn't change a thing about their night together. In fact, she wanted to do it again and she would if she had the chance too.

Sarah WrightEdit

Her childhood and later ber bestfriend, Sarah was probably the one person that knew the truth about Jezabel. She didn't approve it but she didn't stop her at it either. Jezabel often came to her advice, especially when dealing with lovers. Sarah gave her the advice she needed and she kept her secrets hidden. When she learned she had died, Jezabel suffered a great loss.

John WrightEdit

Sarah's son was always an extra member of her family. She considered him hers as well. Even though she isn't generally a person that likes children, John was definitelly someone she always looked after and loved very dearly. When she learned that he was dead, right around the time when Sarah was as well, Jezabel felt like something was being ripped out of her. When she lost him and his mother from her life, she put holos around the house to remind her of happy they all were once upon a time.

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