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Lenavina Caezar
Faction Rank
Imperial Adept
Cameron Centurion
Ceazar Family
Lenavina Martin
Lena'ha Martin
Lenavina Mar
Varies; 54
Genetically altered Human
110 lbs
Eye Color
Piercing Blue
Hair Color
Mikhail Sagan (fiancé)
Nathaniel Toli
Adrian Caezar (husband)
Alistair Starkiller
Rylan Kordel (adoptive)
Black Sun NPC
Amelia Caezar (informal)

Originally born in 2 ABY, Lenavina Martin is a genetically altered human (cloned twice so far). She was born to James Martin and his short time wife Naha'va.

With a father a supporter of the New Republic and her mother a clone made for the First Galactic Empire, Lenavina's fate rested with the Empire in all its various creations. She is the mother of five throughout her three lives and is currently dating Alistair Starkiller.

Due to the fall of the Sith Imperium, Lena had no affiliation until Xaedrin Vondiranach invited her to return to his new forming The Revenant Empire. Following his disappearance, Lenavina remained with Cameron Centurion in charge and would eventually be given the position of Executor in the rank structure.


There is a bit of a mystery about Lenavina's origins. Despite being thirty-two years old, she looks like she is her early twenties. She has a better agility. According to the rare files she could find out about her mother, she learned that Naha'va was a scientistific project, an altered human concieved through a mixure of different DNA-a structures. Naha'va DNA structure has been changed to the point where he aging level is lowered at least by half, as far as it is known, she has a high level of Micro-clorins making her quite force sensitive and able, she has a strong agility and endurance level. According to the records, Naha'va owned to lightsabers which she could perfectly control at an early age.

Lena however hasa minimum to none force sensibility for some reason.

Growing up, Lena always looked a lot younger then she really was. She still does. She looks like she's about twenty, even though she's already entered her thirties.

Having been cloned twice, Lenavina has gained non or lost non of her features. However, the first clone, having been trained by Naha'va for the ten years of developing, showed the possibility of a very good combat fighter.


First LifeEdit

Birth and childhoodEdit

According to the medical bay records on Naboo, Lenavina was born very quickly and Naha'va showed minimum pain during the childhood. As soon as the child was born and it was discovered to be a girl, Naha'va said her name was Lena'ha. However, later when the medical staff went to put this in the records, James Martin said her name was Lenavina Martin, not Lena'ha. 
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Lena as a child

The girl would grow up being referred by the name her father had given her and not the name she was meant to have. She spent her childhood on Naboo and quite early came to notice that other children had mothers with made her ask question. But all her family would give her was that her mother died upon giving birth to her. She had nothing more for the most of her life.

Her tutoring began at six. First her grandmother, but the very next year, a private tutor was hired since her grandmother had fallen sick and couldn't do it anymore. She had her private tutor for four years, before she was sent to a private school at the age of ten. She remained there until the age of sixteen when she ran away from school.

A curious teenagerEdit

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Lena in her teenage years

As a teenager, Lenavina was curious. Her father tried to imprint on her the idea that the Republic was the only way to go but she wouldn't listen. She wanted to know more about other systems and worlds and societies. She learned in her private school about the First Galactic Empire.

It was the first time she heard about the late Emperor Palpatine. She learned that he was once a Chancellor of the Republic before he slowly took over the senate before announcing himself to be an Emperor. She also learned he had Royal Guards and Emperor Hands.

There was little information about Emperor hands but they still fascinated her. Apparently, they were mostly women and didn't know about each other. Public files said it was suspected that some were even engineered to his preference and molded from early age to be just right from the role.

There was one guard particularly mentioned. A girl who had become his Royal Guard very early and had saved his life at some point. There was no explanation to how someone so young could do this but according to what she learned, the Emperor wished to personally see this girl and let her choose her own reward for saving him. There were claims that this girl wanted to be his Hand and that the wish was granted. Thought his could not be proven.

Colin-Firth-colin-firth-498551 1000 985

James Martin, Lena's father

Murdering her own fatherEdit

The older Lenavina grew, the more she found it interesting to tease her father about his precious Republic, and even more, she came to enjoy watching him turn red and her grandmother cursing her for what she said. One day, the teasing turned into a serious argument and would be the last time the two would ever speak. In the middle of it all, the teenager dragged her own birth mother into the conversation, demanding to know what had happened to her.

Perhaps it was because James Martin had been so furious with her already that he would tell her the truth. He told her the woman's name was Naha'va and that she was the Emperor's Hand. She had kept this information from him for a whole year while they were married and when he finally learned the truth, he threw his wife out of the house, apparently for Lenavina's sake. The teenage girl knew this was a lie.

Lena with her father

The very minute she was told this, Lena packed her things and prepared to leave the house where she had grown up. However, her father kept making threats, telling her she would never be welcomed back if she left now, that she would be dead to the entire family and what not. But Lenavina didn't care. She felt like she had been suffocating all these years anyway.

All those years, she had believed her mother was dead and the last straw was when he told her flat out that Naha'va had been most likely dead by now. Her eyes flashed with anger then. She told him first that she wished he was the one who was dead and his entire stupid Republic. For her, they were equally to be blamed for this.

And she wished them all to be dead and destroyed, swore to make sure it would happen. James Martin laughed then. He probably shouldn't have because as she stared at him, she reached for the sharpest thing she could find which turned out to be a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the stomach with it. He stopped laughing then and his face expressed horror.

When he yelled her name out, she pulled it out and struck him for the second time.

After the second blow, James Martin fell to the floor. She kept staring at him for a little time and finally smirked as if she didn't realize she had just murdered her own father.

Having done what she had done, Lenavina simply took her things and walked out, never wanting to look back. She didn't think about her father or wanted anything to do with him. All she wanted was the Republic gone and she knew the time would come for it.

The Imperial Remnant Edit

With a good background behind her but no actual ties or physical training, Lena took any and all job she could find. She worked, traveled, trying to find any sign of her mother being alive. She just kept believing that her mother was out there somewhere and wished to be around her. But as the years progressed, she found no sign of Naha'va so her desire slowly faded and her bitterness began to grow.


Lenavina upon returning to the Remnant and working in the Imperial Mission.

At the age of twenty-five, she came in contact with the Imperial Remnant. Her first thought was that it was a pathetic excuse of what the old Empire used to be but it was the closest thing to it that she could actually find. Lena stayed with them for two years before she came to realize they had shown assistance to the New Republic in their war again the Yuuzhan Vong. It angered the blond to the point of leaving. She refused to take sides with someone who stands by the rebels.

It was the first time Lenavina Martin would ever use the term and even express her point that the Remnant, if wishing to join the war, should have stood on the side of the Yuuzhan Vong and crush the Rebels with them, to share at least some level of victor. But more importantly, crush the Republic.

Wondering young WomanEdit

After leaving the Imperials, for an entire decade, Lenavina worked on various stations, creating a portfolio of work behind her. She worked minor administrative jobs, would rise to the assistant position, then when either her boss would retire or she felt tired of it, she would quit and find herself teaching history to younglings on different planets. These jobs however didn't last very long because Lena liked to keep more to the history of the First Galactic Empire and refer to all Republicans as Rebels. She learned along the way that the Remnant became part of the Galactic Alliance.

As the years progressed, Lenavina began to feel empty in her bitterness. It was then, at the age of thirty-five, that she would see that she no longer existed as a single being and took various jobs simply survive. Somewhere along the way, she had come to believe in the Empire with her entire body and soul and could not fight it anymore.

"Victory Without War" campaignEdit

Upon her personal discovers, Lenavina learned that the the Remnant was once again under the leadership of an Emperor. Soon enough, she became active in the campaign Victory Without War . She became part of the Imperial Mission and would spend the next years as a Missionary, spreading the idea of the Empire as the Emperor Jagged Fel had set it.

Upon its creation, Lena was thirty-nine. It was rather strange because the mission itself involved helping various species, how they needed it, including feed them and such. And as she did what she did, her believe in the Empire continued to grow but her hate for lower beings rose along with it.

In her growing years, as she later referred to them, Lenavina got involved with men but non of them flared enough interest in her to actually remember them.

Imperial LibraryEdit

Two years passed, as the Unification Summit was called and Lenavina traveled to Coruscant to keep a close eye on the matter. She didn't hide the fact that she wished for such a thing to happen under the wing of the Imperial Remnant. Yet when it didn't please her the way she saw fit, Lena dropped her hopes for it turning the way it should have and traveled to Bastion, deciding to focus again on the one thing that sent her on this journey to begin with.

She would spend several years on the capital world of the Imperial Remant. She took a job in the Imperial Library and when not working, she would take time to study to archives, or what she could actually find on the old Empire.

Here she would re-discover the story of the Emperor's Guard that had saved the life of the late Emperor Palpatine while still a teenage girl and due to it became an Emperor's Hand . There was also little information about this woman but all of it were rumors and testimonies, not actual facts. Lenavina tried looking for her mother by name but found nothing.

But she was not a quitter and because of it, continued to work in the Imperial Library for years to come. But each time she felt like she should quit, she would find something new. Finally, she found archives about the cloning programs done on Kamino. This new lead had data about the planet Kamino and the cloning facility there used to create the Clone Army. It also had a log about the planet being erased from the Jedi Archives and that the Emperor himself used the facility for the time of the First Empire.

It was very slim on information but Lena had a feeling it was where she had to go.

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Hevana Martin

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Tesla Martin

Two daughtersEdit

Through the years, Lena gave birth to two girls, Tesla and later Hevana Martin. Both girls were Lena's pride and joy and she loved them beyond anything she could possibly imagine.

But neither Tesla's or Hevana's fathers were anything more than passing flings, neither of them leaving any strong on mark on the woman. Nevertheless, her daughters became her everything. Even more, when the two joined them Empire, following their own destinies, it brought incredible pride to their mother.

For reasons she could not understand then, Lena shared the existence of those two girls with only a single person - herself. Her first clone knew about them and would see them as her sisters. Nobody else, including Naha'va were every told about Tesla and Hevana though it's unclear whether Naha'va ever found out about them or not in other ways.


Lena upon hearing the story of her mother.

Visiting KaminoEdit

Already in her fifties, Lenavina took up her lover over do leave from work and traveled to the place where her feelings told her she had to go. Upon her arrival, she was sent directly to the representatives.

When revealing her loyalties, she was not seen as a friend but she continued to insist on explaining.

The Ruling council agreed to hear her out and Lenavina told them of her mother, the Emperor's hand who had been banished by her father upon knowing the truth. She also told them of her research of the Imperial Library and the rumors of a teenage Guard that had destroyed an attempt on the Emperor's life despite her young age, and how her research lead her to Kamino for unknown reasons.

Whether it was luck, coincidence or a higher force, but the very story was heard by one of the scientists, a man that had entered his old age by now. he knew whom she was talking about and told the council never to consider Naha'va daughter as a threat.

His words would be trusted by the Ruling council and Lenavina was taken to the cloning facilities where she would finally hear the story of her mother.

Story of Naha'vaEdit

Lenavina's mother was born as HE-781267 and named by one of the female scientists. Her genetic structure was created in the very laboratories and right there, fiddled with as well. Her aging process was stripped by half, her agility and endured hyped and her midiclorid level was discovered to be very high due to an unknown force user donor. When Lena tried questioning on who this donor was, the scientists apologized for not knowing.

The sad story begins upon Naha'va birth. The Kaminians, despite being the ones actually doing all the creation, weren't allowed to witness the girl's birth. An Imperial doctor came to deliver her when the time came and Imperial soldiers came to stand guard as it would not be interrupted.

The scientists tried to protect the soon to be born girl but the doctor made it very clear that that the soldiers had an order to shoot to kill if they insisted so the scientists stopped. Later, they would find the surrogate mother dead. Naha'va had been changed, branded with her number and left for the care of the scientists.

There was also something else, it seemed as if the doctor had taken something. The Kaminian could not tell what it was, but whatever the man was carrying, it seemed alive.

The more curious thing about the woman that had given birth to Naha'va, or rather the way she died, was that they couldn't quite tell whether she had died at childbirth or had been killed but the Kaminian telling the story did remember seeing odd markings on her neck, almost like finger markings.

Naha'va was an adorable infant, much different from the male clones they had created for the Clone armies. But the scientist could not be sure whom she appealed like, especially since the surrogate mother was blond even though they weren't supposed to be any mixed genes with her. Lenavina then told him that she was born blond until at some point, her hair simply darkened. The scientist was very amazed by this information.

The young girl the first few years in the cloning facility, so it could be made sure there was nothing wrong with her. The fascinating thing was that when she was only six months old and looking incredibly strong, her mind was of a two year old. At the age of two, she was already able to speak and move as a three year old. She also showed much love for her creators. In her eyes, they were her parents, all of them. And she treated them with much respect.

By the age of three, the Imperials came to take her away. The scientists believed that she was to be taken to Coruscant. He could not offer anything more about her. He did know that she was firs tutored and trained and that he did hear that at the age of ten she had been sent to a Royal Guard training facility and could hold a lightsaber quite well. And of course, at the age of fifteen, that she had discovered a group of people planning to assassinate the Emperor and had dealt with the accordingly, allowing her to become an Emperor's Hand.

After that, all trace of her vanished, as he expected it would.

Lenavina pleaded the old creature for more information but he was very cryptic in his worlds, telling that Naha'va liked to keep to herself. She questioned him on this and he did explain that she been on Kamino just recently for a check up. She was now in her seventies but liked to come back to her family.

The woman pried further and finally, she would learn one last thing about her mother: "She talks about you. She tells us that she had a daughter. I knew it was you becomes she told us what you do. Your mother has been looking after you."

Meeting Naha'vaEdit

Having learned so much about her mother, Lenavina returned to Bastion. She had not planned on leaving after that. She really did believe her mother had been there recently and she had no reason to expect her there again. She returned to her work in the Library However, in the light of this new information, she couldn't really get back to the life she had.

It was strange but it didn't feel right being there, especially now that she knew her mother was watching over her. That information made her look over her shoulder more and more.

One day, upon returning home, Lena nearly caught a bullet that wasn't aimed at her. It scared her, the idea of dieing and never actually doing anything in her life. She was nearing sixty and she still hasn't met her mother, hadn't fallen in love, hadn't watched the Empire rise again. It just didn't feel right feeling such mortality. So she went back to Kamino, to the same scientists. Expect this time, she wasn't just going to see the scientists.

Imagen sela ward 0102 3th


Naha'va was there.

She had come for her check up again and a soon as the two women met eyes to eyes, the mother even looking younger then the daughter, knowing right away who each was. It made little sense, especially for Lenavina to know tho the other was, considering she had never seen her but somehow, she just knew it was her mother.

The two women had a sit down and Naha'va would fill in the gaps. She told her about her early life, about the Martin family, about the Emperor and his death, about her roaming the galaxy all this time and keeping an eye on her.

Lenavina told her why she was here. She told her she wished to be cloned to live again, to go through life again. Told her what she regretted in her life. Her mother warned her that her dreams might not come alive even if she lived again but Lenavina wouldn't listen.

First Clone of LenavinaEdit

It was 62 ABY as the original Lenavina turned sixty as she stared at the small body in the incubation tube, growing, moving, not even fully conscious yet. Naha'va had left again to deal with her own business but the female wished to remain. The clone was to be awake soon and achieve adulthood in ten years. The woman felt it was simple to let go and with the new body coming to age, she felt like a mother, waiting for her baby girl to come to life.

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Clone while growing up.

A new Lenavina was born as a brunette, bordering on redhead. It was surprising to both the predecessor and Naha'va but it didn't truly matter. The little one grew knowing all about whom her former self was and yet despite that, she considered the other woman to be her mother and Naha'va to be her grandmother.

They were all that she had in her life. Lena was still a small child when her grandmother returned to Kamino and advised her mother that the child should be prepared.

Training by the retired Emperor's HandEdit

With the suggestion accepted, Lenavina would be trained by Naha'va from very early on. Though she was a non force user like the original one had been, it mattered little since Naha'va was also trained to be a Royal Guard and had a various weapons and combat training that she could use on the growing child.

The biggest surprise had been the fact that Lena could actually wield the two lightersabers her grandmother possessed. She handled them as any sword and accepted the forms used quite naturally.

She'd never be capable of actually using the Force and hence would never be able to win against a Sith or Jedi, but the lightsabers seemed like something she was meant to have from early on. And the brunette loved using them.

But not all was simple in the way the girl was raised or trained. While she had a warm and kind mother to care for her, her grandmother did not have those features. If it had been just Naha'va in her life, Lena would have never known what it meant to be cared for, or what it meant to be loved by a parent.

Her training was strict and without mercy. Her mistakes were punished by various force powers Naha'va possessed and though the pain was sometimes unbearable, it was all with good results because it allowed Lenavina to grow stronger than she had originally been, to except less forgiveness for her mistakes and strive for perfection, more and more as the years went on.

And just like it was with both her mother and grandmother, Lena too would grow to hate Rebels and all they stood for very early on. However, unlike them, she didn't quite see the Empire was fondly right away. She felt that there was much missing.


While working for the Black Sun

With the memories of her mother in her mind, she had a vast knowledge of the history of both old Empires and the galaxy itself and it all led her to believe that the Empire was not quite what it should be.

Black SunEdit

Aged twenty in appearance, though only twelve in actual age, when the first version had already turned seventy, the clone was sent into the world to find her own destiny.

The first thing she went through was getting taken in on Nar Shaddaa and being interviewed by a Underboss of the Black Sun. She was put to a test and sent to kill a Hutt before she began her training with weapons of her choice. As time progressed, she continued with her work and further training. While part of the Black Sun, Lena shortened her last name in Mar. She didn't know why she had done that but it felt like something she should have done and went with her instinct.


Albion Karant, Lena's Black Sun superior

Her devotion to the Black Sun was short lived. It was never truly her thing, it was never who she was. Even with all the training by her grandmother and that within the organization, it simply was Lena so she walked away.

There were threats that she would be killed for her choice if she went through with it but it didn't matter one single bit to her, she had made the choice and kept to it. Not long after, Lena contacted Naha'va and learned that her mother was dying which led her back to Kamino. Her mother had a request on her dying bed, and that was not to let her dream of the Empire die, no matter how much cloning it would take.

Lenavina gave her word.

The promise made her rethink her decisions and feelings towards a great many things. It made her remember what her mother wanted for herself and why she began cloning herself and just like she was asked, one of those desires was to see a glorious Empire and be part of it.

The memory brought forth a devotion to the Empire she didn't even know she had. It was a mixture of what her mother felt for it and her own feelings of affections towards it growing, but it didn't matter much. As soon as it began, it wouldn't stop, it only grew.

Before leaving Kamino though, Lenavina pulled out her income made in the Black Sun and signed a contract with the Kaminians to create a new clone, after ten years if she did not return within that time. Having a bounty on her head most likely, Lenavina didn't want to take the risk of not keeping her promise to her mother. Once it had been made, she made her way to Bastion.

Assistant to Akio KahoshiEdit

The choice of what she would do in the Empire wasn't hard to make for Lenavina. She was an assistant deep within her skin. The training given to her may have been useful but Lena knew what she was and what she was made to do her life, so the choice was simple - apply for a position of an assistant.


Akio Kahoshi

It was probably luck more than anything else that an Admiral happened to be hiring at the same time, one with a promising career as well as reputation. It made things obvious for her, where she was to go and set out for it.
TK 3857-Albion

TK 3857

Knowledge is Power; Guard it WellEdit

Short while in the Empire, Lena meets TK 3857 who turns out to be her old Black Sun superior Albion. While he had no recollection of his past, Lenavina did and in a brief encounter with his superior officer, she identified her Black Sun trainer who explained what had happened to the two of them.

Albion and Lena chose to take a short vacation together.

Daine Kahoshi, Lena's new boss

Tell me What Needs to be Done, Boss Lady!Edit

With the disappearance of her superior officer, Lenavina puts in for a transfer and ends up being placed under Daine Kahoshi where her job description will entail a little more than just a secretary position, mixing her old profession as well.

Salem Norongachi

Time Tells no Lies: Part IEdit

Under her current employment, Lena was at one point sent to deal with Salem Norongachi. While the team with her was tasked with retreating a particular item, the brunette was given a specific task of taking out the Force User. It appeared at first she was succeed but Lena ends up failing and the man walks out alive.

The Bounty HunterEdit

Tumblr lrvpreQXcL1qgogzko2 500

Lena's new haircut to signify changes in her life

After a long day at work, Lena heads to a bar to relax, only to meet Cage Raxel who in her initial opinion is nothing more than a criminal who can't hold his tongue and misinterprets everything she says.

While there were parts of the man's personality that made her want to squish him with a chair at times, Lena found herself getting used to the talkative Criminal and thus, endured his company for a longer period of time than she expected originally, even indulging him by playing an odd game.

The Wedding of two CriminalsEdit

Lenavina intrudes a wedding reception of Akoma Nero and Kassey Daklin to find Daine and ends up helping her keep Kassey and Akoma from being arrested by the ISB, by none other than Daine's cousin Akira Kahoshi.

Electrobe / Matthew

Despite being a loyal Imperial, Lena is first and foremost loyal to Daine within the structure, due to which doing what she was told at the wedding and stalling the woman's cousin was hardly a problem for the brunette.

Somebody Like YouEdit

Returning from a pre-lunch break on what was supposed to be a completely ordinary work day, Lena ran into a man with a colorful helmet over his head who would soon reveal to her that his business there was to assassinate an IIB officer.


Electrobe and Lena

Chasing after him, her intent was to stop the man from completing his task but what was a simply task turned into an adventure in which Lena learned not only how the man really looks like but literally how he looks like with his clothes.

The little adventure and a near naked man in front of the young brunette was to finish as a mere fling with with some excuse to kick him out of her apartment but the more the two remained near to each other, Lena couldn't make herself to use any of her usual excuses and Matthew didn't seem to make up any of his own to leave.

Whether the man would actually remain in her life was to be seen...

Punished for LoveEdit

Everything seemed to be moving as it should have. She was working for the Empire, found Electrobe and their relationship was growing. However, nothing was ever simple with this family. Soon enough, Naha'va caught up with her and knocked her out. When she woke up next time, she was chained in an odd room she had never seen before. She also saw her sister Hevana by her side. 

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Fake Lenavina Mar

Naha'va explained to her that wayward children needed to be punished and that all three sisters would suffer the same fate. After she and her sister were frozen in carbonate, Naha'va left and what Lena would find out only afterwards is that Electrobe found her later and froze himself.

False Lenavina MarEdit

While Lena slept, she didn't know her grandmother made a clone of herself that would alter her Black Sun identity. She didn't know said clone would meet a man, get pregnant, die in her fiancé's hand who would always believe that he knew Lena and that the children he raised with his second wife was in fact not Lena's but Naha'va's child.

Instead, the first clone would lay frozen. Not for a hundred and fifty years as Naha'va had said but instead much much longer.

But as Naha'va altered the files on 'Lenavina Mar' which was the identity Lena used only during her time as an assassin, that identity was from then on linked with the face of Naha'va's clone. Because of that, once the fake Lena had been assassinated, from then on the real Lena was safe from that part of her life. 

Nearly forgotten contract with Kamino Edit

Far away from Bastion, on Kamino, fifteen years came and went since the contract was made and with the change of scientists, nobody of the newer one knew about it. It wasn't until one of the younger Kaminians went roaming through the archives, looking for something completely different when she discovered a single deal, dating back to 77 ABY. She brought this to the attention of the senior scientists who hadn't actually been involved in the matter and then they asked help of a elder Kaminian who had already retired. He was in fact one of the scientists that had been there that day. He told them of the woman, of her first version and that all expenses were paid and there was also an account left int he name of the woman that was to be kept for the second clone. It had nearly been thirty years since the contract the made, nearly twenty years past the time when the second clone was meant to be made and the younger scientists weren't sure what they should do.

It wasn't until one of their own clones came to Kamino, having reached the actual age of 120 and the apparent for 60 and she had wished for a new clone to be made for her. It seemed that the years had taken a toll on Naha'va and she had began to see her daughter view on not wanting to die.

It was quite interesting that she actually asked whether there was any word from her daughter, even mentioned her name, that alarmed the Kaminians. They had already been questioning on what to do about the contract but considering the time that had passed, they felt it was best to ask Naha'va, now that she was here. She told them to clone Lena again because she knew Lena well enough to know she wanted to keep going before she could achieve all that she wished to do.

Once her own clone was finished, Naha'va took the little one with her and left Kamino before the third version of Lenavina was finished. It was 105 ABY when the second clone came to life. There was no one older Lena's or Naha'va to teach her anything. Since there were no memories of the second version, into the third version were imprinted memories of only the original Lenavina. The small blond child grew up never knowing about the Crime Lord, the bounty, the Fel Empire, the fiancé or the fact that the second version was pregnant.

Meeting the young soldier Edit

New Lenavina left Kamino at the age of twelve and traveled to Naboo, believing not so many time had passed and that she would still be able to find her father. She discovered then how much time had passed and so many people had passed on.

It turned out that the bickering between the New Republic and what was left of the Empire was still well on its way. The New Republic seemed strong but having been imprinted by the first Lena, including the time when she had grown to truly hate the Rebels, young Lena was no different. It was there that she found herself facing a young Imperial officer. He required sanctuary after being hunted by the New Republic army. Lenavina had no idea what he had done but without thinking, she hid him until the morning, and in the very house where her first grew up. There she was a bit struck by the memories flooding back to her, especially the one of herself stabbing her own father. But it was also when she fell in love with the stranger that was slightly older then her.

006PSG Scarlett Johansson 041

Lena with Adrian

That night she would learn little of him but it would be engraved in her memory. He left in the morning, having been able to fled the soldiers. Lenavina learned that he was part of a self-forming Imperial world and wished to see him again, so she would leave Naboo for that goal alone.

Adrian and Lenavina, shortly after their wedding

Becoming Mrs. CaezarEdit

Several years into looking for her mystery soldier, Lenavina found him and learned that his name was Adrian Caezar. He was a rising officer of the Empire and was quickly moving up. Lenavina first began to work for him. Though she didn't fully understand it yet, having been this version for so little time, but Lenavina knew this was something she could do and Adrian could see it too.

Adrian with Amelia

Their romance began shortly after and soon enough came their marriage as well. Lena would continue working for Adrian until she learned she was pregnant. Nine months later came Amelia Caezar, their first child and only two years later, their son, Michael Caezar.

Adrian holding Michel

It was very possible to say that Lenavina had achieved all that she had wished for in that first version. There felt no need for cloning anymore, no reason to start over. The Empire was rising, she had met the love of her life and they had the most precious children together. But this would soon fade, little did Lena know.

Normal 017

Little Mia before her bedtime.

The mental breakdownEdit

Amelia was only two and Michael was slightly younger when Adrian had to go on a mission with minimum to non danger. The two debated and finally decided it would make an interesting family trip they could take together. Expect, then it turned out that Lenavina was detained. Adrian suggested leaving the children with her but as it had been all that time, but Lenavina insisted that they needed to spend time with their father and if he could take them, he should. So he did, and it would be the last time she would get to hold her children and kiss her husband.

The last time she would actually be able to see and hear them was form the ship. Adrian called her and she got to see them through the holo-projector, Amelia calling out to her happily, Michael reaching out for her, Adrian telling her that he loved her and they would return soon.

Only several days passed before an officer came to their apartment and told her the news that the ship had crashed, and all bodies were destroyed. Lenavina demanded for a better search, insisted that she would go there herself but the officer kept telling her that it had all be done and that he was sorry. Though showing furry while he was there, once the officer left, Lenavina broke down. She blamed herself for letting them go, hated herself for not going with them, hated everything she had to go through to get to this point in life, only to loose it all in a second. She hated it. She wanted nothing off it.

And perhaps for the first time in over the hundred years she had lived, Lena broke into tears, knowing she had lost her life. Her love, her babies. They were gone. When the tears finally stopped flowing and she stopped throwing things around the apartment, she went numb. She couldn't move, breath if she didn't remind herself, speak. She just kept sitting on the floor, holding her legs close to her.

It was all very odd. At the age of twenty-two, Lenavina had been able to see it all while her first version spent an entire life never being able to say she had been loved this much, experienced this much. Something changed in Lenavina that day. Loosing her soul mate and children probably would do so to any person, but Lenavina felt changing for the worse. She walked out on the world she had been in until then and traveled the galaxy for five years before she heard there was a civil war in a new forming.

Joining the New EmpireEdit

With the news of a new Empire forming and the civil war still raging, Lenavina chose to return. She felt the need for bloodshed at the time, whatever the reason was behind it. Lenavina did what she could to help out with the war, and when it ended, joined the Imperial Intelligence. As the years progressed, her need for bloodshed faded and her desires to see a great Empire be formed rose again. She had nothing more to look forward to, just that one thing she had yet to actually see.


Alistair Starkiller

She focused all her energy on her work, worked her way up in the last decade and recently was given a new promotion.

Executive assistant to Alistair StarkillerEdit

Recently, Lena has been appointed Assistant Chief in the Imperial Intelligence and became an executive assistant to Alistair Starkiller, the deputy director. She knew soon enough that this was the son of the same people that brought on the civil war from which the Empire rose. Still, it effected her work etiquette in no way.

Lena's daughter, Amelia

My Dear AmeliaEdit

Years passed, Lena didn't. She remained cold and efficient, devoted nothing but her work, having nothing more to live for but that. Then one day, a young woman walked into the office and Lena was asked to remain in the Director's office. The young woman was Amelia Chase, a Red Lady and as she soon learned, her long lost daughter. While Lena knew nothing of how Alistair managed to get the information, her heart opened up for the first time in so long.

The day was spent with Amelia, showing her family albums and telling the girl about her father and brother, something Lenavina hadn't done in forever. It was something she could never really speak about, until that day. And when given a moment alone, she cried, releasing all the emotions locked in for so long.

But that wasn't all that happened that day. Alistair managed to find the man that delivered her the information of her family's death and Lenavina dealt with the man. While a part of her could have blamed herself for not looking further, torturing and killing the man brought a sense of peace to her. Before the evening ended, she and Alistair became intimate in the office elevator.


The Martin residence in flames

Burn the Past, Let the Future BeginEdit

With a new swell of emotions and a part of her life returned to her, Lenavina traveled to Naboo, wishing to close down the one remaining chapter of her past. First, she traveled to the house where she hid Adrian from the Rebel soldiers where she encountered a woman by the name of Ti'Cira and the two drank together. Being extremely lightheaded and not used to liquor, it took Lena over very quickly.


Naha'va in her new body

Before long, she was stumbling back to her childhood home where she came to realize she didn't hate her father really but really, she hated him for driving her so hard to find Naha'va, bringing her so much pain in the process by meeting the monster that was her mother. Saying her last goodbye to her first life, Lenavina burned the house down, leaving before she could be caught.

Naha'va Edit

Past behind her, Lenavina believed she was ready to begin her new life with her daughter by her side, only to receive a message from what soon was discovered to be Naha'va. Her mother asked her and Amelia to visit her and when doing so, Naha'va introduced Amelia to Force powers, unlocking her skills. Before the day was over, the woman made sure Lenavina was reminded that her life was in her mother's hands and when no longer necessary would be dealt with. It reminded her all too well why she never wanted her daughter anywhere near Naha'va.

Thankfully, she would never see her again as Naha'va would not contact her anymore.

Tumblr li9oou18Sl1qe4ny7o1 500

Alistair and Lena

Vacation on CorelliaEdit

Attempting to push her last meeting with Naha'va out of her mind, Alistair takes Lena to Corellia for her first vacation in practically two decades. While it was brief, it allowed Lena to properly recharge her batteries.

New ContractEdit

During an everyday work day, Lenavina is summoned to Shery deWinter's office where the woman informs her that the former Emperor Lucian Drakul never signed her most recent promotion to Assistant Chief due to which a new contract was drafted. While the meeting was over quickly, in Lena's eyes it was succeeded.

Devil's AdvocateEdit

After receiving word from Alistair that he had been injured on Thule, she receives a late afternoon visit from her already boyfriend and places him under sort of house arrest due to his condition. While the two talk, Lena agrees to visit his family on Spira even though such things terrify her and he informs her of the Shadow Hand Cameron Centurion 's betrayal that will need to be dealt with.

A Family MatterEdit

Shortly after Alistair returned to her, he left her again, leaving for Spira with yet another trouble concerning the former Shadow Hand's son. This time, having twice heard of what the boy did, Lenavina was too worried to simply remain on Coruscant, causing her deport abruptly, arriving to the Starkiller/deWinter Mansion and surprising Alistair with her arrival.

Governess of Sector 2, Asteria deWinter

The Breakdown: A Day of ReckoningEdit

On the day the Imperium collapsed, Lenavina was doing her job at the Imperial intelligence as always. At one point, Alistair called her into his office and before they know it, there was an explosion not to far from them and Alistair came to learn of his father's death. Governess of Sector 2 then joined them briefly in the office and while Lenavina didn't engage in a conversation with the younger Lady deWinter, she knew very well who it was due to her necessity to know of all major players within he Imperium.


With the changes coming forth, she learned her daughter was safe and left with Alistair, relocating to Corellia shortly after. Alistair took what happened very hard and it took her some time to try and pull him out of it but what really helped, in her eyes, was the return of Lord Starkiller. On the very same day, Lena learned of what Alistair planned for them, for the Starkiller Industries and her position there.

Lena might have been handling the new life rather well but both she and even Alistair failed to notice the changes that were about to begin.
Tumblr m18brzesQn1qbabvao2 250

Lena's new look

Fifty Shades DarkerEdit

Lenavina had chosen on her own to follow Alistair and not join the new Galactic Empire being formed under Darth Immortus. She had chosen to be with the young Starkiller, work at Starkiller Industries and for the first time in her life, be free from the life she had chosen for her two lifetimes ago. However, she couldn't begin to guess how such decisions would begin to alter her.

The first sign of such changes was her waking up one morning and one look upon the mirror made her hate her whole appearance. This resulted in cutting her hair, on her own, right there. The new look, while not quite even and well groomed felt like a nice change to Lenavina. Something she could live with. While Lena would never, before that, even think to consider hair as a significant representation of anything, suddenly she felt it necessary.

Nessarose deWinter

Let's Make it a NightEdit
Noting that the Galactic Empire was hosting a party on Ketaris, Lena found herself wishing to go and once arriving, she first ran into Nessarose deWinter, who seemed quite friendly with her while the blonde had only guessed who she was based on what she knew of Alistair's siblings. As quickly as the two crossed their paths, Nessarose left her side, leaving Lenavina alone.

Cameron Centurion

Another person she would exchange words that night was Cameron Centurion with whom Lena had not had a chance to speak in the past but in the brief conversation, the man referred to her by the name her mother had given her, making suspect of a connection between the Sith Master and Naha'va. Lord Illuminus offered her good advice of trying something new and leaving her comfort zone which Lenavina chose to consider.

Time Tells no Lies: Part IIEdit

Lenavina meets Sal Norongachi, unaware of parts of her past.

The Revenant EmpireEdit

Two Months before the Coup D'etatEdit

What was to be any ordinary day at work at the Starkiller Industries, Lenavina would soon discover was quite a different morning. It was when she met a man, Xaedrin Vondiranach who was taking over the crumbling Empire and building his own out of it. After a brief conversation with the man, Lena saw that perhaps, just perhaps this man could be worthy of her time and she agreed to be his Executive Assistant in this new growing Empire.

Coup D'etatEdit

Having agreed to join The Revenant Empire two months prior, Lenavina attends the coronation of Xaedrin Vondiranach.

We Meet AgainEdit

As the Galaxy is forever changing, Lenavina gets an invitation from Cameron Centurion to meet him on Vjun. She travels there and four days after her journey begins, arrives to his palace where she learns of the changes. The Emperor that had hired her has disappeared and the Sith Lord is taking his place. He commissions her then as the Major General of the Army though her job remains pretty much the same. Her mind hungry still for the Imperial world she had been away from for so long, Lenavina accepts without hesitation.

It's Already MineEdit

The Revenant Empire heads to the Kuat System to take over the Kuat Drive Yards. Lenavina accompanies her Emperor where she has her own tasks to fulfill.

Memories fadeEdit

Short time after her assension to Executor, Lenavina woke up in a bedchamber of Shery deWinter on Ketaris. She'd been out of it for three days, she had been found on the planet and the last thing she remembered was her husband, Adrian, kissing her on the side of her forehead before he went to work, before she would go focus on her children... which was twenty years in the past...

If You Don't Know me by NowEdit

Life Goes OnEdit

Lena moves on with her life... To be continued

Known abilitiesEdit


General Education

  • Dancing (Ballroom)
  • Economy
  • Etiquiette
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Piano lessons
  • Politics
  • Public speaking


  • Piloting planet vessels
  • Organized
  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Perfect Memory (history and work related)
  • Perfectionist
  • Two weaons duelist
  • Visual lerner
  • Weapons training

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