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Shana Draclau

Known Alias

Lexis Ferran, Brownie

Birth Planet



Force Practitioner Apprentice


  • Princess of Nagi
  • Princess of Lao-mon

Living Situation

Seth Draclau's Penthouse (Coruscant)




Family and Other



Melina Maer (genetically, d.)


  • Seth Draclau
  • Skorn Draclau (half-brother)
  • Erinyes Draclau (half-sister)
  • Lono Draclau (half-brother)
  • Demala Draclau (half-sister)
  • Daos Draclau (half-brother)
  • Samael Draclau (half-brother)
  • Jennica Sorsten (half-sister)
  • Leylah Ultron (half-sister)
  • Adriana Draclau (half-sister)





Other Family

Chloe Draclau

Training Information



None yet



Jennifer Love Hewitt


1/2 Shi'ido 1/2 Nagai




Varies; 22




111 lbs


91-66-96 cm (36D-26-38 in)

Eye Color

Brown (current
Dull Gray (originally)

Hair Color

Brown (current)
Jet Black (originally)

Lexis Ferran is a scientific experiment, an altered clone to Seth Draclau, named Shana. She lived in three different bodies but until this one, she could not live for a very long time for reasons still not fully known to the laboratory where she was born.

The reason for which she could not survive was a flaw in her body which made her weak or allergic to materials in the Starkiller Industries facilities which would end up killing her on both earlier accounts. On both accounts, Shana, first at age nine, second at age sixteen, pleaded her maker to start over nd give her a chance to live and both time she was granted this wish but it wasn't enough either time to give her what she wanted - to live.

Lexis knows nothing of her past lives and grew up on the streets of Coruscant, mostly stealing and from time to time being taken in by different families which actually never worked. Upon her twenty-first birthday, she choose to move to Nar Shaddaa and actually do something with her life, meeting the assassin Jack Satriani which would eventually lead her to re-uniting with her brother Seth.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Overall PersonalityEdit

Seth's clone.

Character FlawsEdit

  • Anxious
  • Arrogant
  • Audacious
  • Blunt
  • Bold
  • Childish
  • Complex
  • Deranged
  • Disorder (Antisocial Personality Disorder, the rest were never diagnosed )
  • Egotistical
  • Erratic
  • Fanaticism
  • Fierce
  • Finicky
  • Fixation
  • Hard
  • Illiterate
  • Impatient
  • Infamy
  • Intolerant
  • Immature
  • Murderer
  • Naive
  • Obsessive
  • Overambitious
  • Overprotective
  • Overzealous
  • Paranoid
  • Peevish
  • Perfectionist
  • Phobia (Agraphobia, Aphenphosmphobia, Athazagoraphobia, Xenophobia..)
  • Proud
  • Rebellious
  • Reckless
  • Skeptic
  • Soft-hearted (to a few)
  • Stubborn
  • Tactless
  • Temperamental
  • Unpredictable
  • Vain
  • Withdrawn


Seth DraclauEdit

Equilibrium 02
Shana was once the near perfect female version of Seth Draclau. In her first version, she saw only Seth, detested most others, including her own maker. Her loyalties always laid with her brother, no matter what version she was in, no matter how altered she was. One could argue her loyalties to him were always as strong due to the way Seth is, loyal to himself first and foremost. Growing up, she wanted nothing more but to make sure her big brother was never alone. Even though he worked quite well as he was, she still wanted him to find someone in his life, discover love and have someone beside him, even when she barely understood what it even meant.

Due to the fact that Lexis Ferran knows nothing of he past lives or her first four years of life, she does not know the loyalty Shana had. There is a possibility, it it merely hidden inside her, waiting for the day when she could unleash it but that it still a subject in question of which Lexis knows nothing about.

Xander StarkillerEdit

To put it in simplest of terms, Shana has no real father but if someone could be considered as such, it would be Xander Starkiller as her maker. She shares no genetic combination with him and in her original version could not stand the sight of him. There was no explanation for this but whatever the reason was, non would learn. The only time she would even show him any kind of respect was on her dying day when she pleaded with him to fix what was wrong with her and make her better, to clone her.

The second version was however different. Due to Xander's manipulations, she became far more force sensitive which was something he would work on. Whether it was the manipulation itself or her early training, but Shana's loyalties presented themselves to Xander as well. The second version always referred to her maker as master and showed him much respect as a good apprentice should to her master. It's always Xander Starkiller to whom Shana pleads for her life, makes her requests to live again. Though she loves her big brother very much, she's always been smart enough to know her life is in her maker's hands, no matter what.

Despite not knowing anything in her past lives or her first years in this one, Lexis remembers Xander's voice and something he said that has kept her going through life, even though she doesn't know yet whom the voice belongs to and to what it refers to.


Sergey Bezrukov3

Lex's first teacher and oldest friend, Ferran.

The first person to actually notice her for whom she was and not expect her to be anything else, let along give her a name when she had non, Lexis formed an honest bond with him. He was the first to teach her something and it turned out just right for her. Expect stealing, Ferran also earned money by singing in crappy clubs for low pay. Having heard young Lexie quietly sing herself to sleep a few times, he took the time too help he develop her singing, even to the point where they did a duet once in one of the clubs. The first time she would ever experience the feeling of being abandoned by someone was when Ferran disappeared. She had no idea where he went and would never find him again. And she looked for a very long time. Now Ferran is nothing but a memory in her life. But in a way, carrying the last name based on his first, she feels she is somehow honoring him for his good friendship.

As the years progressed, Lex realized she had developed a sort of crush for him and sometimes, she likes to imagine and he's still around, by her side, looking after her, making sure she's alright which is something she's never shared with anybody. She still hopes he'll come back to her some day.

The judgeEdit

Though many people have passed through Lex's life through the years, one person other then Ferran she could count as being worthy of sticking around. It was the very judge that saw through the lie of her almost rapist and believing her then giving her enough trust to set her free once she had been caught shoplifting. The man gave her a place she could always come back to and be treated right. He never asked or demanded anything from her until she entered her mature years, though that was more like an advice then an actual request. She respects him enough never to steal from him and spending time with his family gives her a chance to get a feel of family really looks like.

Jack SatrianiEdit


Rylan KordelEdit


Criminal ProfilesEdit

CSF Criminal ProfileEdit



Lexis was born as Shana, an altered clone to Sith Knight and Underworld Crime Lord Seth Draclau. Right away in the fetus stage, her DNA was stranged to human form meaning she would have ordinary tanned skin and blue eyes as her Shi'ido brother Seth often changes himself to be in feont of others. She has lived in three different versions of herself, and each had a differnt life duration, abilities and personality traits. Based on Seth's origins, she bares roots as a Shi'ido/Nagai through alterations, she appears completely human as has in the versions before.

Her first verison could shapeshift from an early age though this was cut down upon creating the second version (whether it was completely gone or not or whether it was done by purpose, it would never be clear). However, her Midi-Chlorian levels were hyped up far more thne she was originally meant to have and certain Seth personality traits were toned down.

The third version is finally completely different. She differs in apperance from the first to, her personality has once again been lowered, her MIdi-Chlorian levels untouched, and her ability to shapeshift appear to be taken away once again while as a sort of parting gift, her agility level was hyped up.


Version 1Edit

Over three decades ago, as Seth Draclau and Xander Starkiller met, the two formed a business relationship that would benefit both parties for years and years to come. Xander was already a self-proclaimed Sith Lord and quite able in many abilities, including the ability to clone. Though shapeshifter himself and a Sith Knight, Seth did not know this ability and it made the young man curious. So he proposed a project for Xander – make him a clone of himself, a in female clone with slightly altered options. Thus, Xander Starkiller would clone him an infant girl who was practically identical to Seth in every way, except in her gender.

From the very beginning, Shana was unnaturally loyal to Seth, however could not stand the sight of Xander Starkiller. Whatever the reason was for this, no one could tell and she would never live long enough to understand it herself.

At the age of one, the young girl walked and mimicked talk though she could not understand it fully. By the age of four, she clearly showed a genius level much like Seth. But even more, a perfectionist strike. No drawing she did was to be seen before she was satisfied with it, no ability was shared with others before she was sure of herself. She demanded perfect from everyone around her. If her outfits were folded right, she would scream insanely; when anyone tried to touch her and she was not sure their hands were utterly clean, she would throw things at them. Much like Seth, she loved to hear her little voice but it was most heard by her brother. She liked to talk to him. There were even times when no one could really tell when one finished and the other began. And yet they understood each other perfectly.


Shana Draclau

However, there was one thing that was very curious about the little one from the very beginning. Like Seth, Shana was born with pale skin, dark gray freckles and dull gray eyes. However, unlike him, Shana loved the way she was. Even if her big brother always preferred to look human and keep others from seeing how he really was, this was not the case with the little one. Yes, she wanted to learn how to change, she would have done everything to be like him on the outside because that was what he wanted for him. But beyond that, she loved the color of her skin, her eyes, even each and every freckle on her face. Many times when it was just the two of them, she beg for him to change to what he really looked like, just so she could see him for he really was. To her, that the perfect version of him because it was who he really was.

Upon her fifth birthday, the little girl got sick. Clinical testings showed that she had a disease infants die from and could easy move past, how it had a lot worse effect on Shana. Within months, her condition got worse. No matter what healers tried on her, if she would even let them touch her, or what scientists tried to make her drink, everything failed. She just kept getting worse. Despite her small age, Shana had begun learning some sort of manners and discipline. Most of the time. She still didn’t allow just anyone to lay a hand on her, she insisted upon her drawings even when she was too week to keep her hands still, which ultimately made her perfectionist manner worse. To the end, she was a bitter little creature, angry all the time. She refused to see anyone but her brother, or even speak to anyone else.

But when her last day arrived, she knew it had come. Shana asked for her maker then. When he finally agreed to see her due to their relationship through her life, she had one thing to tell him. “Don’t let me die. Make me better. Fix me. But don’t let Seth be alone.” It was the last thing the little girl said before she took her last breath and closed her eyes, her breathing stopping moments later.

Version 2Edit

"Don't let me die. Make me better. Fix me. But don't let Seth be alone." It was the first thing Shana remembered from her earliest childhood. It was left in her memory on purpose.

The second version of Shana came a year later. Xander Starkiller put his best efforts, behind Seth's back to make her. He fiddled with her DNA structure far more then he had done so with the first one. He tuned down her temper and need for perfection, made her more open to the world around, terminated the possibility of the disease (or so he believed) and when he had done so much, he wasn't satisfied so he altered her Midi-Chlorian levels to a much higher level then his business partner ever had. Days before her birth, Xander sent a message to Seth to come see him in the lab. Shana's brother came just in time to be there for her birth and was suddenly enraged by what had been done. He had not wanted for another Shana, not after what had happened to the last one. Xander Starkiller however managed to settle his mind at ease, ensuring him that this version would be different.

Shana would grow up within the Starkiller Industries facility. There she would be visited by a tutor from an early age. Seth chose to believe Xander and made sure this one would be prepared for the world beyond those walls. However, Xander had other plans for her as well. Secretly, he began to train her to make a Sith out of her. She responded quite well to his training, focused the left over perfection on it. She always wanted more lessons, always insisted on further training. So much that Xander ended up leaving one of his lightsabers so she could do as she wished. And many times, when anyone came to see her, she would be training, and training. Often to the late hour.


Visiting Seth

Little did either her maker or her brother know through the years of her growing up that her disease hadn't actually been terminated fully but instead began to sneak up on her much slower then in the first version.

Occasionally, she would show the personality the first version had. She would grow distant sometimes, demand to see Seth, not let anyone near. Not even Xander could reach her in those times. But soon enough, whether Seth came or not, it would go away and it wouldn't show in later periods.

After passing her fifth birthday, which was somewhat a good sign that everything would be alright with her, Shana was free to leave her then residence since it was considered somewhat safer. And as the years moved, she was showing prospect of being a very carefree young lady, wanting to have a good time, talk to people endlessly. Most of all, she always loved to visit Seth and see him away from the facility itself. It felt more natural not to be within those walls, even if she had never known anything else before it. It was during one such trip that Shana waited, at the age of eight. She was rushed to the healers who did the best they could before she was awake. However, once she did, the girl was clearly up set and calling out for her brother and maker, refusing assistance from strangers. The men tried to assure her they were doing in her best interest but Shana didn't trust them nor did she want to. She wanted nothing to do with them. Just go.


Shana with Xander Starkiller

When Xander finally arrived, he butted heads with Seth who insisted his sister stayed in the best hands but Xander kept insisted that she be returned to his facility. When asked what she wanted, Shana easily turned to Xander. “You promised to make me better. Please, Master, keep your promise.“ Even though he had never actually made such a promise to her. Seth finally gave in and she was set back to the SI facilities where she would remain on bed rest while her maker and his scientists tried to find the cause of her illness. For an entire year, they found none, until her maker finally realized where they had to look and there it was – the same thing the first version had, only in a far more advanced stage then anyone could have imagined. By now, it looked like an incurable tumor.

Seth was furious again. He was given a promise that the issue was resolved and that Shana would be unharmed by the same thing. But it turned out Shana had always known. It made little sense even to her but she simply knew she would not last for a long time. Still, Xander wouldn't give up on his apprentice and creation so he continued his tests and finally found the cause.

Shana never had a disease within her genes. She had a flaw within them. It was in fact a substance from his own labs that would destroy her eventually. Nobody had seen that coming, not until that moment. He came to her and told her the problem, told her he would not clone her again, not wanting her to go through the same thing. But Shana refused to give up on life. She wanted life. She wanted to grow up. She wanted to be her own person.

So once again, she pleaded. “Then you know what you must do, Master. You have to set me free into the world. You have to let me go and let me find my own way back to you and Seth.“ It turned out this version of Shana wasn't the least bit bad. She was loyal and full of life. She wished to live but she also wished to learn again, be Xander's apprentice and be in Seth's life. This time, she wished for her brother to come. And when he finally came, she could barely speak. “Seth.... I love you. I know you didn't want me to come to this world again. But I wished to live. I still wish it. Let me be born again. But set me free so I could live and come back to you.“ Seth did not understand, not until she passed on and he came to speak to Xander. He nearly killed him then. Luckily, he did not draw because it was matter to question, whether the Sith Lord would with or the very capable swordsman that Seth was. He agreed then.

Shana would be born again, but this time, she would be set free.

Version 3Edit

The missing yearsEdit

IsabelleFuhrmanHeadshots7 article

Young Shana v3

"It's just destiny, child." The small child slept as her maker looked over her. She was still to small to be set free but he knew the time would come.

Within months from the death of the previous version, the third and final version of Shana was done. Her maker made sure this was an altered version as well. This time, he gave a few slightly different abilities. Actually, he only enhanced them. He would not touch her force sensitivity this time around but he would give her a far better agility which he hoped would come in handy one day. He also managed to alter her appearance, though at the time, he did not know how much it would really effect her in her adult age. She was still made to look as a human, but this time with purely brown eyes and hair. Once she was done and born, he invited Seth over and told him the plan. He would give the siblings four years. Four years in which Shana would get to be with her big brother. He did not want to let her spend any more time in the facility, worried that the disease would start to build up again. Seth insisted on taking her with him but her maker would not let him. He would respect her wishes. She had been through enough pain through her past two lives and this time she needed to get what she wanted – to live. He would not tell his business partner about Shana's altered appearance. And upon her fourth birthday, he would erase her memory but leave little things and alter others. The small child was then left on the streets of Coruscant, not far from an orphanage there, which some clothes, in hope that she would be found and taken in. But this would not be the case.

A child with no memoriesEdit

A small little girl, suspected to have been at least four years old, slept on the streets of the Coruscant. She had no knowledge to whom she was, she had no name to give when asked, and she could not tell whom she belong to. She was just someone without anything. She was five when a first fame saw pity on the sweet little child. For unknown reasons, she was called Janey. At first, she did not respond to it but soon enough she realized they were talking to her. Again, she often did not respond to the name. It didn't feel hers. The family kept her for an entire year before something got stolen from them. It was easiest to blame to little child that wasn't theirs so she was thrown out and accused for stealing. The little girl had nothing to do with it.

Her first teacherEdit

The first person to show her actual kindness was a young man by the name of Ferran. He genually cared for the child without anybody and worked his best efforts to teach her how to read but also to pick pocket. He gave her no name because he felt it would be wrong if he gave her one that didn't belong to her. But he did however, tell her that someday, she would know what name was right for her and she would give it to herself. Brownie, as he called her based on her hair and eyes, showed great talent for pick pocketing. She was very quick and showed great percision for a seven year old. Ferran looked after her for a couple more years before he suddenly disappeared. She couldn't find him anywhere even though she looked for through all the places he had even taken her to. Her only source of food became stealing. Sometimes, she would get noticed by never caught.

Becoming Lexis FerranEdit


Young Lexis at court.

At the age of ten, another family saw pity on Brownie and took her in. The first thing she noticed upon entering their home was vaze filled with beautiful white flowers. She was right away referred to as Lilly. Apparently, to the family it made sense to call her that since she gave them no name before that. Lilly remained with that family for less ten a year before she noticed a beautiful set of jewerly the woman had. At first, her foster mother showed her what she had so later, when one of the pair of earrings disappeared, Lilly was blamed for them going missing right away.

She really did take it, as an almost natural instinct to trade it for food. Once discovered, she tried to return it to her foster family, hoping the problem would go away if she did. It only made it worse. Once they had proof of her doing, they called the authorities on her and the ten year old girl found herself in front of a judge. But when asked what her name was, instead of giving them either of the names her foster families or her friend gave her, she suddenly remembered she liked the name of present foster family's daughter's name so she said her name was Lexis Ferran. The family protested, for reasons unknown to her, insisted her name was no such thing but she was still written down by that name and was sent to juvinal hall for a period of twelve months. Once she finished her sentence, Lexis returned to living on the streets and stealing food.

The case of near rape and a good manEdit

Only a single year passed before Lexis was suddenly in hands of another family. Another one that saw pity on her. It was a man and a woman without any children. They were alright as parents and they treated her right, expect one night when the man entered her room and tried to rape her. Reacting on nothing but instinct, Lexis grabbed an empty glass by her night stand, broke it and made a cut into the man's face. The woman would hardly believe her when she told her what happened and Lexis found herself once again before a judge. This time however, things turned out very differently. The old man listened to what had happened, from both the man that took her in and Lexis and ruled in Lexis's favor. He made it very clear right away that if he was ever to come near the girl again, he would make sure he was locked away for life. Having won at the truth, Lexis was released and went back to living on the streets since again, she had nowhere to go.

No more families and a familiar feelingEdit


Teenage Lex

After all that had happened with the three families, Lexis had had enough of all the family crap in her life. She was tired of being accepted only to be thrown
Roswell.s03e05-med WMV V9 009 0001

The old judge.

away, being accused for things she didn't do, constantly being faced by people who cared so little and non for her. So when another family wished to take her in as she turned fifteen, Lexis refused them. Around this time, she began stealing chlothes as well. She developed a taste for particular kind and focused on them. She made herself several paces where she would come back and sleep, finally created a pattern in life which she could follow.

As she turned nineteen, once again, she would face court, again with the same judge that had believed her. This time, she was facing a little more serious charge – theft of expensive items. Despite the insisting of the clerk, the old judge would let her off the hook and when it was finished, he invited her to have dinner with him and his family. It was an odd feeling, sitting down at a table with someone who didn't look at her as a liar and thief. Someone who actually wanted to hear what she wanted to say. And as much as it was an odd feeling, Lexis's gut told her she had faced such a feeling before even though she could not remember why it was or from where it originated from. It was probably the first thing, Lexis could say she had a sense of the past. There would be no more families like the ones Lexis had her face for the most part of her life. Though the judge showed her was greatly fond of her and considered her like a granddaughter, he would never even think of trying to convince her to join them though he made it very clear early on that if she wished to be part of his family, all she had to do was ask. But she never did nor would she ever.

None of it matters anymoreEdit

Becoming an adult gave Lexis a different perspective on life. No longer did she have a need for lies and families. No longer did she have the need to belong. She simply wanted to live her life, be what she would be, whatever that was and simply be able to make choices for herself and not by someone else. Her pick pocketing and stealing days were far from over though she would never steal from the old judge or his family. It would probably not be called a sense of loyalty that she had for the old man but she did feel gratitude for how he treated her. Her visitations were far from over but neither was her life style. Yet, just before he twenty-first birth, it was suggested by the old man that it was time to get a job. Lexis debated for a while what kind of job would she see herself doing and when she could think of non, she simply chose to travel to Nar Shaddaa to see what she could do with the skills she had. She did have many of them, yes, but she did plan on making the old man proud even if it meant only in the fact that she would do something in her life.

Dirty DeedsEdit

Lexis meets an assasin called Jack Satriani.

Seth DraclauEdit

In Jack's company, Lexis travels to Nar Shaddaa where she runs into a man that turns out to be her brother.

Training with her big brotherEdit

Not long after meeting him, Lexis visits Seth on Coruscant where he shows her that she can shapeshift and teachs her a few force powers.

Meeting CurupiraEdit

What is becoming a usual visit to Seth, Lexis finds herself in an unsual position, meeting Curupira who seems to be pretty close to her brother.

Shooting RangeEdit

Spending time with Jack, Lexis fires her gun in a shoot range and finds it boring, until trouble happens.

On the HuntEdit

Lexis meets a man called Rylan Kordel and ends up going on a job with him.

Kill.Save.Ice Cream.Edit

Seth goes missing four two days after which Lexis travels to Nar Shaddaa to find him. When he contacts her, he tells her he's been kidnapped and taken to an asylum and the thief sets out to take out the bastards who took her brother and to save him.

This is the Asylum!Edit

A number of Criminals and alike members wake up in the middle of the Asylum, unaware how they got there or how they'll get out.

=Bartender? Bring us another Round of Drinks?Edit

Lexis accompanies Seth to meet Rebecca Hall and negotiate with the planet Saki.

Personal PropertiesEdit

Ferran's guitar -

Ferran's Guitar

The first thin Lexis owned in her life was the guitar originally owned by Ferran that he left behind when he disappearing, leaving her mind. While with her, he taught her how to play it, telling her to use music to express herself when she ddn't feel like actually talking to others about her problems. She's spent a lot of times with it, simply thinking up lyrics that remained in her mind as she never learned to read or write. Musically, she has enough knowledge to work out songs, pass on what she needs from other instrument players but she can't write the lyrics or notes. When she's not taking it with her, the guitar is save in her storage space.

One of Lexis's backpacks

Backpacks and clothes - Among the things she's aquired of the years, whether through stealing actual things or buying with the money she's nicked from people, Lexis always has a number of clothes, backpacks and bags which were always nicely kept in her storage unit, taking only a thing of two when she was on the move. What most people never expect from a homeless person, she's an extremely neat person over the things she owns, and for the small space she does keep and pay for, everything within those walls is in apsolutely perfect order.

Storage unit on Coruscant - Some years ago, she realized that she accumulated a lot of things, too much for her to constant carry them all with her, making her rent a storage space where she kept things. It's not an apartment but she's brought things to functin as closets and there's part of it made as a bed when she doesn't find another place to sleep in. Even though she's recently agreed to move in with Seth, Lexis has yet to actually fully clear out that storage unit.
Jacks-Colts 1-1--1

Jack's slugthrower

Jack's slugthrower - On the first day with Jack, Lexis receieved a couple of things from him, including his slugthrower along with an extra magazine. She used it first to kill a man intending to kill her new friend and later in the shooting range but unlike most things she owns, this is something that is always with her.

Force powers and notable abilitiesEdit

Force PowersEdit

Apprentice Knight Master

Neutral Powers

Neutral Powers

Neutral Powers

Other abilitiesEdit

Shapeshifting - As a clone to Seth Draclau, Shana inherited his Shi'ido ability to shapeshift which she could accomplish quite early in the first version. She couldn't quite shapeshift all the way but she could change her face appearance and dable with her hair and eye color. Several times, she made herself mimic Seth's natural appearance when it was just the two of them. Though gene manipulation, this ability was stripped from her though it's not sure whether it was done on purpose or did it come off along with some other trades. The second version of Shana could barely do even the simplest of changes to herself. While it wasn't sure in the beginning of Lexis inherited the ability or not, during her first training with Seth, all doubts were removed.

High key notes - Whether this was a force ability or not, Shana had an incredibly strong voice. When angered for the smallest of things, she would scream at the person and often it would be so strong that it would just hurt the person's ears too much. Whether this remained in the later versions or not, it is unsure due to her changed personality. The other versions of Shana didn't have subject temper outfits.

Genius level intelligent - Much like Seth, Shana possessed a genius level intelligent in both her first and second version. She was a quick learner, easily enough could study anything presented to her. As a side effect however, the first Shana developed a need to be utterly perfect in all that she did. She also depended others around her to conduct themselves in the same manner around. Though the same in the second version, she did not require such perfection as the first version.

Lightsaber usage skill - Due to Xander Starkiller's training with the second version, Shana became very adept with the lightsaber though one could never be too sure which technique she would use as she liked to mix several different ones from the ones she had been thought. She was even given a training lightsaber which would help her out in her training that almost never stopped after that until she was satisfied with her skill with it. However, she was given no such training in her third version and her Midi-Chlorian levels have been untouched so it is unsure whether the process could be repeated in the same length.

Strong agility - Another natural trait from her original donor, Shana has always possessed a very good agility level yet it wasn't until the third version was in making that her maker decided to enhance it. This is probably her most used skill yet she doesn't even know she possesses it. It is most shown when stealing and pick pocketing.

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