Political Information

Official Name

The Criminal Underworld

Type of Organization


Societal Information

Influenced Planets

  • Nar Shaddaa
  • Coruscant (not owned)

Official Language

Galactic Basic Standard


Galactic Credit Standard

Faction Information

Created by

Created on


Staffed by

Type of character/s

  • Criminals
  • Business people
  • Various Force Users

Basic ideaEdit

The Criminal Underworld is a faction established 04/08/2010 by Seth Draclau , one that does not typically own any planets its members work on as other factions do but their criminal haven is considered to be Nar Shaddaa . The Organization, also know as the Underworld is lead by various Criminal Lords (one of which is Seth Draclau ), takes part in many criminal activities and welcomes various criminal and non-criminal members under its wing.

Criminal ActivitiesEdit

  • Protection rackets
  • Gambling rackets
  • Drug trafficking (i.e. Spice and other drugs)
  • Arms trafficiking
  • Loan sharking
  • Money laundering
  • Contact controlling
  • Slave trading
  • Espionage
  • Piracy
  • Assassinations
  • Prostitition
  • Property crimes
  • Pornography
  • And more...

Rank EstablishmentEdit

Force Users

  • Apprentice
  • Knight
  • Master

Non-Force Users

  • Trainee
  • Adept
  • Elite

These ranks match those of the general OOC ranks of Descensions. The only difference may be in what side members may align with (particularly meant for Force users). The faction welcomes Jedi, Sith, Neutrals or any other specific type of Force Users. For a better idea on all the possibilities, refer to the Force-based organizations .

List of businessesEdit

The following is a list of businesses that function within the criminal haven or outside it, but there are within the control of Descension's criminals and in some cases, entire families.

Known MembersEdit



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